Course curriculum

    1. A message from Speak For Good and eSpeakers

    2. Before we begin...

    1. Dealing with your client

    2. Look Like It

    3. Practice Out Loud

    4. Stick The Landing On Your Stories

    5. Using the Speak For Good Talk Templates

    6. Writing Your Introduction

    7. What did you learn about "Before your presentation"

    1. Arrive Early

    2. Start and End on Time

    3. What to do with your Phone While You're Speaking

    4. While you are being introduced

    5. Stage Presence

    6. Word Rate and Clarity

    7. Buddy or Boss?

    8. Connect with the Audience

    9. What to Avoid on your Opening

    10. How to Acknowledge the Sponsor

    11. What did you learn about "During"?

    1. Interacting with Audience Members

    2. Autographing

    3. Handling Tough Questions

    4. Send Two Thank-you Notes

    5. What did you learn about "After"?

    1. Wrapping up

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